Middle English biblical plays and the Drama of Medieval Britain

Class Notes on Early Drama in Britain and Teaching Materials for Medieval English Drama

See how much our understanding of the Middle English biblical plays has changed since 1956

Noah's Flood from the Chester Cycle

Noah's Flood from the York Cycle

The Fall of the Angels and The Fall of Man from York

Exercise for the York Plays

Life in Medieval Towns and Cities

Chaucer and the Medieval Drama

Notes on Medieval Guilds
Notes on Civic Entertainment in Medieval Times

Other Early Drama Sites of Interest

For photos of modern productions of early drama at the University of Toronto, visit the photo gallery of the Poculi Ludique Societas (PLS) Website
Read performance texts of The York Plays, modernized by Drs. Kim Yates and Chet Scoville, found at the REED Project Website, Victoria University, University of Toronto

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